Wednesday, February 8, 2012

College Basketball Radio Live

Listen to every College Basketball Game live on your iDevice.
Get up to date schedules for every team.
Frequent updates to ensure every game is broadcast.

College Basketball Radio Live:


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  2. This app quit working just as tournament play started. It's the only way I can hear my local radio broadcast and not be 45 sec. ahead of the TV.
    I was told problems were being worked on. It didn't work for the entire NCAA Tournament.
    I'm getting a new phone, a Samsung, as is my current phone.
    This app isn't even offered in the App store anymore.
    If it is going to be fixed I WANT it.
    When it worked it was amazing.

  3. Once again I get no satisfaction from communication. I was told the College basketball app is fine.
    I no longer have an Android phone, I have an iPhone.
    Following the web address I tried to buy the basketball radio app in iTunes. Message came up it is not available in the U.S.
    Why is college football radio app available, but not basketball?

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