Friday, October 14, 2011

Pro Football Radio 2011 Premium

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Want to hear all NFL games live on your iDevice, PLUS 45 other 24/7 sports stations around the country?

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  1. I just contacted Apple about your scam "Eagles Radio" App. You obviously know it does not stream radio broadcasts of anything. Hopefully, my 99 cents will be the last you ever receive through this scam.

  2. Our Eagles Radio app streamed the game last night perfectly. If you would contact us about it we can help you hear the games.

  3. perfectly huh???? I guess I was the only one one who constantly got a "u r not authorized" message over and over and over again(& I know I'm not because others have commented with the same problem). And where am I supposed to go to contact you; the "developers website" & "app support" links bring me here - which is a blog page with no phone #, no email ; just a blog comment section(none of which pertain directly to the Eagles app I purchased). And if I had no Yahoo, Google, Tweeter or Facebook account with which to log on to leave a comment, I guess I would just have been out of luck. If you have an app for sale, provide a REAL support page, phone# or , at the very least, an email address. As I said previously, I contacted Apple directly; they have taken care of the situation.

  4. the Packers Radio app did not function AT ALL and would not connect to ANY stream all night long during the broadcast of the game... I tried all game long trying to connect, and got nothing, same as the gentleman mentioned above. I paid $1 for garbage.. iTunes cannot refund my transaction if an application fails to provide it's advertised services.. I agree.. get a phone # to call if you're going to call yourself a support staff!