Friday, May 21, 2010

New Apps Coming

We have 6 new apps in review and should be released soon.

These apps include puzzles for toddlers to help educate them

Also, two golf applications are coming for those avid golfers!

Join us in celebrating and downloading all of our new applications :)


  1. Hi all,
    if you want I can help you in Italian translation.
    There aren't any apps in italian for babys. :(

  2. there are NO disneyland resort [paris apps....PLEASE make one!! If it was like ur disneyland CA app I would pay $5 for it!!! I dont understand how the park can have 15 million visitors per yr yet no one has made an app? check DLRP or disneyland resort'll see theres none...big pity!!!

  3. does the disneyland checklist app on itunes reqiure internet connection? because i really want that app but i don't have internet access on my ipod.... if it doesn't could u please let me know? or by any chance could u make one that doesn't require the internet? thank u!

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  5. Your Free Tv app is misleading. It did not do what it claimed it would. Watch all the favorite tv shows? Right....Nightline, World News, The Week with George Stephanopolous. Not quite all my favorite shows. I wasted my money. I will not buy another app from you.